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DIY - How to make a Generator at home

A generator is a device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. In this video check how a DC Motor can be converted into a Generator to produce the electrical energy. This can be used to glow the LED light and also it can be used to charge mobile with small alterations.
It can be one of the best Science projects as well.

Things used for mini Generator project.
1) 7V DC Motor
2) LED Light
3) Old Marker
4) Sketch pen
5) Old CD
6) Bottle Cap
7) Rubber band
8) Sun board
9) Cello tape ring and
10) Metal Wire

How to make Air Cooler at home

Air Cooler is a device used for reducing the temperature of air inside a room, it uses the water evaporating technique to produce the cool air.
In this video see how we can make a mini Air Cooler at home with things easily available.

Things used for Mini Air Cooler project.
1) 12V DC Motor/1000 RPM
2) 8 AA Battery to run the DC Motor
3) Hot melt Glue Gun!!
4) 2 PVC Elbow 1.25 inches
5) Connector
6) Switch
7) Plastic Container
8) Bottle cap
9) Cutter and
10) Scissors and
11) Empty deodorant bottle

How To Make a Powerful Drill Machine at home

In this video learn how to make a Drilling Machine at home, it can be used to drill hole on Plastic, Wood, Cardboard and more...

Things needed to Make a Drill Machine
1. 12VDC Motor
2. PVC Pipe, Elbow, PVC Cap
3. 12V Battery
4. Drill Bit
5. On-Off Switch
6. Wire connecter
7. Glue and
8. M-Seal

How to Make a Vacuum Cleaner at home

In Vacuum clear the blades will be designed in such a way that when motor runs air is pulled into the vacuum cleaner, this low pressure creates the suction and pulls the dust and dirt particles. In this video you will learn how to make a mini Vacuum cleaner by yourself. Enjoy doing this project.

Things required for making a Vacuum Cleaner
1. 12V DC Motor
2. 12V Battery
3. Plastic Bottle
4. Plastic Container
5. Cardboard Sheet
6. Electric wire
7. On/Off Switch
8. Flexible pipe
9. Cloth

How to make a Foam Cutter at Home

Learn how to make a foam cutter at home. Now you can cut Thermocol without creating mess in the home with Clean, Accurate cuts :) It's also know as hot wire foam cutter as the foam cutting happens due to hot wire.

Things Required for making this.
1) Nichrome Wire
2) 2 AA size battery
3) On/Off switch
4) 2 pencil and
5) 9V Battery connector

How to make Electric Screwdriver at home

Learn how to make powerful Electric Screwdriver at home

Things Required for making this.
1) 12V DC Motor with 150RPM
2) 9V battery
3) Toggle Switch DPDT
4) PVC Pipe and Cap and
5) Screw Driver set

How to Make a Water Pump

Learn how to make a powerful mini Water Pump at home, this project will help you in understanding how the water pumps work.

Things Required for making mini Water Pump.
1) 12V DC Motor
2) 12v battery
3) On/Off Switch
4) Wooden Piece
5) Marker Pen
6) Shaving bottle Cap
7) Sun Board and
8) Screw Driver set

How to make a Mixer at home

Learn how to make a Electric Mixer at home using a manual beater. It was be used for beating eggs and also very helpful while making cake.

Things required for making Electric Beater at home.
1) DC Motor
2) 9V Battery
3) Manual Beater
4) Push Button
5) 9V Battery Connector and
6) PVC Pipe and cap

How to make USB Fan using Plastic Bottle

Learn how to make USB Fan using Plastic Bottle and Electric wire pipe. Its very helpful while working with laptops and you get good amount of USB fan air :)

Things required for Building the USB table Fan
1) DC Motor
2) Electric pipe with T-Joint, Elbow
3) On/Off Switch
4) Empty Bottle
5) Electric wire and
6) USB Cable

Battery Holder for 4 and 8 AA size Batteries - 6V and 12V output.

Learn how to make a Battery Holder which can be used for 8 AA size cell or 4 AA Size cell. Battery Holder that gives 12V output and also 6V output

Things required for Building the 12V and 6V Battery Holder
1) Ice cream sticks
2) Pen Spring 4
3) Triangular clips
4) AA Batteries and
5) Electric wire

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