About us

Charles de Lint said “Look inside yourself for the answers - you're the only one who knows what's best for you. Everybody else is only guessing.”

In our day to day life we come across many challenges for which we will be looking for an answer outside, but the fact is we need to look within to get the answer. It’s our thought process which helps us “Find the Answer”. So in this website you would come across thoughts, motivational & inspiration videos, blogs and stories which would stimulate you to RECEIVE the ANSWER from within.

But for this to happen, my mentor Chakradhari Rowe always says we need to spend some time on ourselves. We spend time for our office work, family, friends etc, but have we put an effort to understand ourselves? And the potential we have? Think for a moment and see how much time you are spending on yourself.

We all have many great ideas that we want to implement and somewhere in a corner we know that it will be great thing, but more than that a voice from within comes and says What If I Fail? What if I lose the Money? What will people think if I Fail? These things always pull us down, but we need to remember one thing, even the successful people had this, but they ignored and moved on.

Even though we have put this site up, this is yours and the MISSION is to help you with things that give you extra boost, inspiration and motivation so that you could take that one extra step to lead a happy and a successful life.

I believe everyone is born with something special, so are you. So unleash your speciality to make a better world.

Thanks Sriram Benur(founder) and Savita Benur(co-founder).

Feel free to contact us for any queries at info@receiveanswer.com