Elephants in Zoo act like Cow and Tigers like Sheep

Elephants in Zoo act like Cow and Tigers like Sheep.

Date: 13.10.2014 | Posted by Sriram Benur

Who is poor?

My relatives had come home and we all decided to go to Bannerghatta National Park, Bangalore. So we reached there and it had facilities like Safari, Zoo, boating etc.

We went to the Zoo and started seeing pythons, black cobra (this one was little bit active among all), fox, crocodiles, different kinds of pigeons and parrots, bear, deer and many more.

As we moved around the Zoo, we came near the elephants and took some pics. Some people started giving money to the Elephant, though it goes to its master, still the poor elephant takes it. In the mean time people started touching its skin and started feeling it’s rough and strong skin. There was lot of smile and surprise on peoples face when they touched it, I believe it would be because some of them would be experiencing it for the first time. They were so enthusiastically saying to there kids that this was Elephant and a big animal.
As we moved further we came across two relaxing Leopards, we had to literally go around the large railing to see its face. They never cared for anyone who was watching and were just in its small world.

After seeing Elephant and Leopard in the Zoo some thoughts came in my mind.
Elephants being the largest animals and the most powerful it can literally bring a huge tree to ground and break any wall or chain, but you may call it as a sad part or the funny part that it is kept in a small place tied to chain where even if it normally walks, the obstacles in front of it will be demolished and it will be free. But it does not do any of them, now why is that so? Same with the Leopards, it can run like crazy and has the ability to kill the big animals and also know as one of the top man eaters.

So what has happened to these aggressive and powerful giants that are in the Zoo? Where people are taking pics, touching them so coolly as though they are the toys in the shop.

Fact is, of course they were powerful and aggressive before coming to the Zoo, and we all know what happens after that. When it is small it has been trained to stay in the Zoo, it has been trained to eat what has been given, it has been trained to stay silent, it has been trained so that people touch it like a toy and take the pics, it has been trained that it can’t break the wall, chain etc. So there has been a strong negative belief that has been built on the mind of these animals which eventually they believe that it’s the reality.

They would have put a chain to an elephant when it was small, were it dint have so much energy to break the chain, it would have tried and tried for sometime and would have given up. After many years even though it has grown hundred times more powerful than it was, it would never try, thinking it’s not possible and that is what it believes. So Elephants in the Zoo act like Cow. Leopards, Tigers and Lions like Sheep.

I felt somewhere some of us have also built few false beliefs around us which we think it’s real, but the fact would be something else, which is keeping us from doing what we are supposed to do. Do you know if we are thinking and acting like an Elephant or Tiger which is there in the forest, or are we thinking and acting like the one in the Zoo? If it is the latter, then what is that we are going to do about it, to come out?
Something to think about?

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