Should we feel good when MONEY goes from our pocket

Should we feel good when money goes from our pocket?

Date: 26.01.2015 | Posted by Sriram Benur

Feel good while giving Money

I used to be very happy whenever I received money through various forms may be through salary or profit in business or somebody had to give me. I am sure even you would have felt the same.

I used to feel happy because I could take care of my family, pay all the bills, and visit the places I loved that helped me to lead a good life.

On the contrary I was not so happy when money used to go out of my pocket. Be it for paying house rent, groceries, bills and many more.
Recently it so happened that I had given my bike for servicing and had to pay him for his good work, when I handed over the money to him, I could see a great smile on his face, in that smile I could feel the same happiness that I saw when I had received the money.

That moment I realise that the money that goes out of my pocket helps someone to pay their bills, kid’s school fees, buy medicines and take care of their family. That means by me spending money it makes others happy :) we never know how important that money could have been for them.

Also I started feeling happier and thankful for the things I was getting from money, be it the good house that I stay, the good food that I eat and more. Those made me feel happier while giving the money :)

So I felt Money should be like a river, it should be flowing that's when happiness also flows with it.

No matter what, when we receive money we have to give it to someone for the goods/service they provided, when we are happy with the goods/service they provide, why not give money happily that way we can build a good relationship with people and money.

Let's bring the Change in Mind Set.

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