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Letter To My Daughter Stuthi

Date: 02.04.2016 | Posted by Sriram Benur  | 6 min read

Dear Stuthi,
On Feb 2015 when we had visited doctor for your Mom's health check-up doctor told us that you would be parents soon. After hearing this there was tears in your mom's eyes and she dint have words to say, all I could do was hug her and smile. When Grandparents heard of this news there was no limit to their Joy, everyone in the family and friends were very happy.

Well you are a very naughty girl and made your mom feel dizzy during early pregnancy, rather for couple of months she started hating eating food, but used to have it to make sure your healthy ;)

During 7+ months of pregnancy you started moving around in the womb when the music was played, we both loved watching your movements in the belly :)

5-10-2015 was a very special day for us, not because it was a palindrome but we were gifted with a lovely daughter and that’s you!!

We welcome you to this world which is so beautiful, with great people around, wonderful nature, many things to explore, learn, enjoy and much more, we are sure you will enjoy each and every moment.

Life is filled with up’s and downs, Happiness and sadness, Opportunities and Challenges etc. but what matters is how you take everything. Celebrate the Up’s, Happiness, Opportunities, but at the same time face the Down’s, Sadness and Challenges because the victory from this is more Joyful and teaches a lot. Great personalities or celebrities are created because they learnt how to face it.

You may find many things that are fantastic be grateful for that and show gratitude, also you may find few things which are not perfect so don’t complain just see how you can make it right within your limits.

Focus on best things, best people, best surrounding and you will have it, because you will get what you ask for, that’s the beauty of this universe.

We dint name you with the celebrity or a great personality name because we want you to be you, and we are sure you will create a significance in this world.

Health, Relationship, Spirituality and Money all are important, don't forget one while focusing on the other, I am sure you will give equal priority to everything.

We will not ask you to be an Engineer or Doctor, you choose what your best at it, once you identify it give your heart and soul. It’s your born talent that will give you the best result not the created talent.

I know you will treat everyone equally be it a rich/poor young/old, give everyone the same respect. No matter what heights you reach always make sure that you are humble and be famous for the good things that you do ;)

I have no words to say how grateful I am for this beautiful nation, where you can find all king of weather be it snow or a bright sunny day. Dessert or a forest. Oceans, beautiful beaches and Islands, different cultures, great personalities, legendary sportsman, futuristic entrepreneurs, different varieties of food and much more. But everyone's heart says just one thing "I Love India", I know you will respect and love this country a lot.

The nation is so beautiful, now you can feel how beautiful the world is with so many beautiful countries with different culture and more.

Enjoy each moment be it eating an ice cream with friends or going on a log trip with family, laugh and love unconditionally. Live every moment of your life.

Lastly focus on adding value to many lives and filling there dreams, you will have all you need in your life!!

Appa and Amma :)

Let's bring the Change in Mind Set.

Last Updated:02 April 2016

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