Power Of Thoughts

Power Of Thoughts

Date: 29.08.2015 | Posted by Sriram Benur  | 6 min read

Our mind is like a monkey, it does not care if we are working, driving, talking to person, watching a movie whatever it could be, every second we get different thoughts. Thoughts travel so fast that for a fraction of a second it could be thinking about home, in a next second it may be in some other country, sometimes it takes to past and in seconds to future. Some of our future thoughts may look like a horror movie and some like a dream world that we don't want to come out of it, among this thoughts we have some which are negative thoughts and some are positive thoughts.

Lets do a small exercise, take a pen and a paper then close your eyes for 2 minutes and write down all the thoughts that come to your mind, you would be shocked to know how busy the mind is :), among them what % is positive and negative thoughts. Can we control or channelize these thoughts? what is the impact of these thoughts if not channelized? have we ever thought of this?

Let me share my experience on Power of THOUGHTS or also know as Power of Subconscious Mind!!

Back in 2013 on my birthday my friend Vinayak Bhatt had gifted me a book called “Power Of Subconscious Mind”, till then I dint know anything about it. What it says is, we human beings have two minds Conscious (logical) and subconscious mind. If we want to achieve something then conscious mind logically thinks and says if it’s possible or not based on the past experience or what the society has thought us. While subconscious mind is like a robot, if we believe 100% irrespective of the past failures and feel that we can achieve, then it gets registered in the subconscious mind and its only job is to make it REAL based on the best available channels.

It was difficult for me to believe in the beginning but slowly I started implementing and started seeing small little positive results. So here are some of my personal experiences.

I had been working with Accenture for over 8 years and wanted to move on to explore new opportunities with extra earning, so I thought of giving interviews. I had also fixed the exact CTC I was looking for, months passed by and I was just preparing for the interviews.

It was more than 8 years that I had not even given a single interview and I was out dated with the technology as well, so some were I had a –ve thought that It would be tough to get selected (conscious minds response). So without me realizing it was registered in my subconscious mind, I gave couple of interviews and I was out in the 1st round itself. Every rejection started adding more –ve thoughts and before stepping into the interview I would get the thought that I may be rejected here as well, guess what, same happened.

It was almost 6 months passed since I had written the CTC goal on my Vision board and I had almost forgotten. One fine day I stood in front of my vision board, looked at it and said “It’s possible and I will get the job with the exact CTC mentioned”.

I went for the next interview, with positive vibrations, filled with confidence and guess what? it worked and I was selected, but CTC was 20% less than what I had visualized(cant share the exact CTC due to company policy). I went for the next interview, even got selected in that as well, but with 12% less CTC to what I expected. By then I had putdown the paper in Accenture and there was only 2 weeks left for my last working day. So I thought I have to choose one among these companies, from nowhere I got a call from Manhattan Associates, a supply chain leader. I got selected here as well, HR asked what is your expectation? I had said slightly higher than what I had set as a goal, HR said sorry we will not be able to offer so much, so I lost the hope here as well. Just a week before I received the offer letter and the 1st thing that I could see was the CTC written in bold bigger font and matching exact single rupee that I had visualized, I dint have words to say and was stunned by what just had happened.

Let me share an experience of my Friend Ana

3 years ago when she was studying in Virginia International University she had dreamed of being in Manhattan Associates and had mentioned the same in Student profile page.

Much to her surprise she got a call from Manhattan Associates, got selected and is working in Manhattan Associates, Atlanta from June 2015. It so happens that sometimes we may not remember what we dreamed long back but the subconscious mind remembers and makes it happens.

Let me share a different experience of mine.

I have a YouTube channel which provides information on How to build business on YouTube . When I had started in Jan 2015, I had written my monthly goals. I was busy during May and June due to travel outside India and couldn’t contribute much on creating new videos. The statics looked like 7K views/month however the goal I had set was 16K for June. Just at the begining of June month I saw a spike in number of views suddenly, and guess what it did cross 16K views.

Another experience.

My wife is running a facebook page Indian Vegetarian recipes and daily we used to get around 1 or 2 likes. On Saturday morning the founder of Consumax and a great human being Mr. Sathyanarayana sir had mentioned about this universal power in a session, so thought to implement again, that day evening me and Savita started discussing and visualized with belief that our facebook page will cross 3K likes in this month. To our surprise we started getting 500+ likes every day and in next couple of days it crossed 3K likes.

One thing what I understood in short is “If we focus our thoughts on what we want and believe it 100% with feelings, then we can achieve it”.

The important thing is we need to have a strong reason on why we need it, by when we need it and lastly we should not think on how it will happen, the subconscious mind will find the best possible available channel so that we can achieve it, we just need to act on that channel and give our 100%.

As our respected Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam sir says "Dream, Dream, Dream....Dreams transform into thoughts and thoughts result in action."

So there is nothing called bad luck or good luck, it’s just what our thoughts are and what we believe!!

I am sure you to have a story to share on the thoughts, please do share in the comments section. I would love to read them :)

Let's bring the Change in Mind Set.

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