Turning point in my life

Turning point in my life

Date: 04.11.2016 | Posted by Sriram Benur

Miami taught me a lesson

I was in my 2nd year engineering, dad being a farmer with drought in our village and no much crops coming, he had still done everything possible to get 3 children the best education!!

I stayed in a FREE HOSTEL in Majestic(Bangalore), and once had to visit my uncles house in HAL. I took money from pocket and saw I just had 4 Rs 50 paise, BUT bus ticket was 5Rs. It was important for me to go, so got into the bus and moved to the backside CORNER. The bus started and as it kept on moving the conductor was coming closer and closer with 100 things running in my mind, heart started pumping faster and faster!!

He finally came to me and asked TICKET TICKET, I took out 4 Rs 50 paise and said I had only this much change and have 500Rs note. He looked into MY EYES for few seconds and took that money and gave 5Rs ticket. I think he knew that I dint have money.

That moment I DECIDED I'll do everything that's needed so that I can help others and live a wealthy and joyful life!!

One year later I got placed into Accenture, at the same time I started investing my time in learning about e-commerce and today I Happily have 2 good source of income.

Helped dad clear the LOAN, ACQUIRED back the land that we had given to someone, CONSTRUCTED a house in Native, helped few people in setting up online business, brought a CAR and much more!!

I could see the reflection of success in my parents smile!! Today we lead a happy and joyful LIFE!!

That 50 paise was a turning point in my life!!

Let's bring the Change in Mind Set.

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