Who is poor?

Who is poor?

Date: 15.07.2014 | Posted by Sriram Benur

Who is poor?

It was a hot sunny day and time was around 3PM, me and my wife had to travel in an auto as I had left by vehicle for servicing.

I went near to the road where I can find auto, I waved my had for couple of auto’s they stopped and said not coming to that place (this is bit common in Bangalore), one auto rickshaw on the other side of the road saw me and came to me.

He was a shabby man having long beard, slightly torn shirt with a bit of grease on it, shirt looked like it was not washed for at least few months. He asked where to go? For a second I thought should I be really going in his auto?

Then I decided let me go in this auto as many had said no. The journey was from Jayanagar to Garuda Mall (Magrath Road) around 15mins drive, we started travelling. He mentioned “Sir not all the auto drivers in Bangalore would be ready to go to all the places, but I don’t mind going any were the passenger asks and that’s my duty”.

I asked him from how many years he was driving the auto rickshaw, he mentioned over 20 years, that was a huge experience in corporate language :), it made me think what made him to do the same thing for over 20 years?

Then the conversation continued, I asked him where he lives and how many of them are there in his family etc. He mentioned he has 2 daughters who are studying, one in PU and other in school. So I felt it would have been so difficult for him to run the home as it was single person earning. I asked him how much he earns everyday. He mentioned “Rs 600 after all the deductions” please note deduction is not tax here :) it’s his daily expense like fuel, food, tea etc. I asked him do you work all the 7 days in a week. He said yes. I quickly calculated in the mind for a month and it came to 18 thousand.

My next question to him was, is this money enough to take care of the family? He said, “Sir, I have also left few auto’s on rent” so I get some money from there. I asked him how much does he earn per rented auto? He said “Sir, 170 Rs per day”. I asked him how many auto’s on rent. He mentioned “Sir, 40”. I felt I heard wrong, so asked him again how many? He said “40 Sir”.

This blew my mind, I quickly calculated 40 auto’s*30 days*Rs 170 that was freaking over 2 Lakh/Month. I dint have any words to say. I asked him any maintenance cost that he has to pay? He said, “Sir, max Rs 300 per auto every month”. So it’s 12000 per month over all. Still including his earning, it’s over 2 lakh.

I asked him one last question, why are you still driving the auto when you are earning 2 lakh a month? He said “Sir, I don’t feel like sitting ideal at home”

By this last statement we reached our destination. We paid him the meter charge, he dint ask even a single penny more. He said thanks and left. I and my wife were traumatized; we looked at each others face and started moving.

Now you guys tell me who is poor?

This was the 2nd instance that happened with me about the auto driver, were the other auto driver I had interacted had sites around Chickpet Bangalore (one of the most - commercial place, the property worth not less than 2 Cr’s).

They thought me some of the biggest lesson in my life. That I should not prejudge people by there looks and talks, you never know who they are and there background. Also respect every one, they deserve it. There are some good auto drivers, we treat them better they also treat us better.

Let's bring the Change in Mind Set.

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