How to earn Money from YouTube

How to earn Money from YouTube

Date: 05.07.2015 | Posted by Sriram Benur

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YouTube is one of the best platform to earn Money, but there are few things that you should know before starting to building business on YouTube, so that you would not come across any challenges in earning money from YouTube.
Below are the 10 important and simple steps to get started in building your business on YouTube.

1. Guidelines for YouTube Partnership

For you to become a YouTube partner you need to follow certain guidelines set by YouTube, some of them are
YouTube Partnership program should be available in your country
Your YouTube channel should be in a good standing that means it should not have been disabled for monetization earlier.
You need to upload your own original content, also do not use copyright music for your videos.
For complete details please read Criteria for YouTube partnership

2. Creating Videos

To create the videos you need a Camera, even a digital camera is good to start with or if you have a good smart phone which can take good quality videos then even that is fine. To edit the videos you need a Laptop and a video editing software like VideoPad, Adobe movie maker, Windows movie maker or any other video editing software that you are comfortable with.

3. Create YouTube Channel

You need to create a YouTube Channel to upload your videos, give it a meaning full name and as short as possible, also make sure no one is using it, so that it’s easy for the audience to remember and search your channel.
Watch video on How to Create YouTube channel with basic settings

4. Uploading Videos

It’s good to upload videos with HD quality, also while uploading ensure to give optimized Title, good Description, effective Thumbnail and Tags (descriptive keywords), this will help people find your content easily.
Watch video on How to upload Videos To YouTube with basic information

5. Monetize your videos

Once you have uploaded couple of videos, enable monetization for your YouTube channel. Note: Monetization means you are authorizing to display ads on your YouTube videos, and that’s how you earn money through your videos.
Watch video on How To Monetize your videos on YouTube

6. Associate AdSense account to your YouTube Channel

In order to earn the revenue that is generated from the ads on your YouTube videos, you will need to associate an AdSense account with your YouTube Channel. So create an AdSense account through your YouTube channel Monetization screen.
Watch video on How to link ADSENSE ACCOUNT To YouTube channel

7. Set the Payment Method on AdSense account

Once you earn money through YouTube, you want that to be sent to you, so to do that you need to mention the Payment Method on AdSense account.
Depending on your country there may be various payment options like Checks, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Wire Transfer, Western Union Quick Cash etc.
Watch video on How to set Payment Method on AdSense account

8. Social Media

Share your videos with the relevant audience on Social Media sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc. to increase audience engagement. Also stay connected with your audience and respond to their comments and feedback regularly.

9. Consistency in Publishing videos

You need to publish your videos regularly, because like any other business here also consistency is the key to success. If you follow regular pattern of publishing videos then your channel subscribers and followers will know about it and they will be waiting to watch the next video on the day you publish. Also if you publish regularly, over a period of time there would be good number of videos from you on YouTube, more content means better chances of being discovered.

10. Call to Action

Indicate your audience on what action they need to take after watching your videos. You could use YouTube Annotations and Cards requesting audience to subscribe to your channel, comment, or view another video/playlist etc. If you have an official website, you can ask the audience to visit your website. This will help in audience engagement and increase viewership.
Watch video on How to Add YouTube Cards and YouTube Annotations

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