How to link ADSENSE ACCOUNT to YouTube Channel

How to link ADSENSE ACCOUNT to YouTube Channel

Date: 15.08.2015 | Posted by Sriram Benur

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If you are thinking why is it necessary to link AdSense account to YouTube Channel? Then the reason is for you to earn money from YouTube, your AdSense account will be having all your details including the payment method, your details, your residential address etc.

Ok, now me tell you on how to link the AdSense account to YouTube channel.

Step 1. Login to YouTube and click on the profile image at the top right corner

Step 2: Now click on the YouTube Settings button which appears like a gear symbol next to Creator Studio button

Step 3: Click on "View additional features" link on the overview screen

Step 4: Now click on "View Monetization settings" link in the monetization section, please note this link appears only if the Monetization has been enabled(if it shows green then its enabled, else you will see Enable button), if you have not already enabled that then please check How to Monetize YouTube videos

Step 5: In the Monetization screen click on "How will I be Paid?"

Step 6: Now click on the link "Associate an AdSense Account"

Step 7: Click Next button on Monetization screen

Step 8: Now you could see that it is being redirected to Google AdSense page

Step 9: It says "Select your Google Account", if you have already logged in to Google account then you can see that it would say "Yes, use" button and you also see "use a different or new Google Account". You could choose the one that is best applicable to you

Step 10: In the "Tell us about your content", make sure it shows your YouTube channel link and select the relevant language and click on Continue

Step 11: In the "Submit your AdSense application" screen enter accurate details, Payee Name should be as per the bank account details(In some countries it cant be changed once submitted), after filling all the information click on "Submit my Application" button

Step 12: Now you will see "Redirecting back to YouTube" button, click on that

Step 13: Now you can see that Monetization screen has been displayed with message stating "Your AdSense application has been submitted"

Note: It may take around week's time for AdSense team to review your application and respond back on the status of application.

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