How to Submit an Appeal for Invalid Click Activity - Google Adsense

How to Submit an Appeal for Invalid Click Activity - Google Adsense

Date: 13.08.2015 | Posted by Sriram Benur

Watch the video or you can read the contents below.

There are few important points that we need to consider before submitting the appeal

1. Make sure to read the YouTube and AdSense terms and policies.
2. Analyse on how invalid clicks would have generated.
3. In the appeal make sure that you are truthful.
4. Accept any mistakes that would have happened unknowingly or due to negligence and apologise for that.
5. Give the assurance that it will not happen again and you are a genuine AdSense partner.
6. If your first appeal is rejected, chances of getting your AdSense account enabled is negligible as they may not respond to further appeals.

Now lets see how to submit an appeal

Step 1. Login to Google AdSense and click on the link Disabled Account FAQ

or alternatively you can click on the following link

Step 2. Now click on link, "Can my account be reinstated after being disabled for invalid click activity?"

Step 3. Click on appeal form

Step 4. Select all the appropriate details on this screen and click on the appeal form

Step 5. Ensure that your Google AdSense email id is mentioned correctly and then enter the other details in this screen and click on submit button

Step 6. Now Appeal has been submited for the invalid click activity

You can also note that it may take around 1 week time for the AdSense team to respond back, so dont hurry and submit the appeal again.

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