How to ADD YouTube Channel TRAILER -

How to ADD YouTube Channel TRAILER

Date: 02.09.2015 | Posted by Sriram Benur

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YouTube Channel Trailer

You can feature a video that only a unsubscribed visitors will see on your channel page, this is one of the best way to convert viewers to subscribers. Also please note that by default ads will not be played on the trailer video when it is being played from the channel page, the reason for this is to avoid distracting the user from learning about your channel and subscribing, which is the purpose of the trailer.

Few important things to consider while creating Channel trailer

1. Assume the viewer has never heard of you or your channel
2. Keep it short may be around a minute
3. Grab the attention of the user in first few seconds
4. Ask viewers to subscribe in that video

Follow the below steps to ADD a Channel trailer

1. Hover over the section with your channel name and click on the pencil icon that appears on the right hand side
2. Click edit channel navigation
3. Click on Enable button in the Browse section and then click Save
4. Click on for New Visitors tab
5. Then click on the Channel Trailer
6. Now select the channel trailer video and click on Save

That's it channel Trailer has been set for the new visitors on your channel.

You can always change or remove your channel trailer by clicking on the pencil icon that is available on the right side.

You can also add a new section with Popular uploads, uploads, liked videos etc below the Channel Trailer by clicking on "Add a section" button.

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