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How to Make a Rubber Band Powered Car using Empty BOX - Mini Cooper

Rubber band powered Car or I would say "Rubber band powered Mini Cooper"

Rubber band powered car is very easy to make and anyone can do this. I have used a empty box, rubber band, 4 Caps and Bamboo sticks.
This car can travel around 5-10 meters, and it is faster than some of the toy cars that are available in the market. If you are not able to do it at once then please watch again, so that you will be able to do.
It is safe for the Kids and Children's to play and I am sure Kids are going to love this toy for sure. The rubber band powered car that I have done resembles the famous car brand Mini Cooper.

How to make a paper WindMill that spins | Paper FAN | Art for Children

Things required to make a Paper Fan or WindMill
1. A4 size sheet.
2. A pencil and
3. Stapler

DIY - How to Make a Thread Painting Greeting Card

Making a Thread Painting Greeting Card, this one would be the best GREETING CARD for your loved ones and its very simple to do.

Popping Balloons Surprise | CRAZY GIFTS Inside | BALLOON SURPRISE

In this video I will pop 4 balloons with carzy surprise toys inside, Balloons are always fun, Balloons with surprise gifts more awesome :)

How To Make A Blowgun from PAPER - Kids Toys || Art for Children

How To Make A Blowgun for Children, MOST SIMPLE and EASY ONE!!
All you need to do Blow Gun is
1. 2 A4 size sheets
2. Iron nail
3. Gum tape and
4. Scissor

How to make a Mini Bow and Arrow from ToothBrush - For KIDS

In this video I will show you how to do a Bow using waste Toothbrush and Arrow using Bamboo Sticks and other things.
This is an awesome game and playing Bow and Arrow helps in increasing the concentration :)

DIY How to make Paper Windmill that Rotates || Easy craft for Children

Things required to make a windmill
1. 7 inch * 7 inch square sheet or any size square sheet.
2. A pencil/straw
3. Round push pin and
4. Thermocol balls

How to Make an Table Fan from Deodorant Bottle and other Waste items - Easy Way

FAN made from AXE Deodorant Bottle :D, most of the items used in this video are waste items like empty Marker, finished Deo bottle, motor from a spoiled shaving machine etc. Its fun doing this :)

How to make a BALLOON SURPRISE!! Crazy Gifts inside the Balloons

Do you know how to do a CRAZY surprise GIFT Balloon? Check this out :)

DIY - Rotating Wheel Mini Toy for Children || Fun Projects For KIDS

Rotating Wheel Toy Experiments, this is fun playing, help Kids do this.

DIY - Simple Baloon Decoration Ideas for Children

In this video I will show you how to do Apple Baloon and Decorate the wall in simple steps

Teaching kids how to draw a Cartoon Fish

In this video I will show you how to draw a Cartoon Fish, its easy.

Teaching Children on How to Draw a Butterfly

Learn how to DRAW a BUTTERFLY in simple and easy steps for KIDS.

How to draw a coconut tree for kids

In this video I will show you how to draw a coconut tree in simple steps

How to make a Paper Airplane that Flies - Paper Airplanes

Step by step instructions on how to do Paper PLANE that flies. All you need is a A4 size paper

DIY - How to make origami flowers very easy

Step by Step instructions on how to do Origami flowers for beginners.
To make this paper flower you need 3 color papers, glue stick and scissor.

How To Make a Paper Ninja Star (Shuriken) - Origami - Simple Steps

This video has clear and simple steps on how to do a paper Ninja Star, even a small kid can follow the instructions and do it on his own.
To make double colored Paper Ninja star you need 2 A4 size sheets with different color.
To make a single colored Paper Ninja star you need 2 A4 size sheets with same color.

How to Draw a Dragon Step by Step | For Beginners and Kids | Narrated

Drawing a Dragon may look bit difficult, but its actually easy to draw. In this video I will show you how to draw a Dragon in simple steps.

How to draw NATURE DRAWING in simple steps - For Beginners and Kids

This is a simple yet beautiful scenery and anyone can do this. This is preferred for the BEGINEERS and also a good one for kids to do there hands on in drawing the scenery.
Kids can also practise this for competitions in the school.

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